Humble Beginnings
The Black Cat Alley is an outdoor art gallery located in a private alley on the East Side. This unique street art destination was developed by a group of community members and artists back in 2015-2016 in partnership with Wallpapered City LLC, and sponsored by the East Side BID. It now contains 21 murals by 24 artists from Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Columbus and even Berlin.
BCA Today
Today the Alley is home to countless wedding photos, selfies, skateboarders and music happenings. The East Side has evolved around its little mural alleyway, with new retail spots popping up all over—such as the new AXE MKE, the Sip & Purr cat café, and more, and old favorites like Colectivo enjoying more business than ever before with all the new foot traffic. Now that the Oriental Theater is home to Milwaukee Film, the whole block has really become an epicenter for the Arts in Milwaukee and Black Cat Alley is proud to be the beating heart of this District.
🎨 Artists!
Artists looking to submit work to Black Cat Alley should reach out to Wallpapered City. We do yearly Calls for Artists, in association with our Mural Festival every September, but we also sometimes have special events with Live Art and other installations, so there's always interest. Black Cat Alley is not a free space— so if you tag there, it's vandalism... don't do it... please! Let us invite you, and even better, let us pay you and celebrate you! We luv our artists.
📲 Contact Us
Program Director Stacey Williams-NG
email blackcatMKE@gmail.com

Exec Director, East Side BID Liz Brodek
email director@theeastside.org