Milwaukee Gaia Buddha

All of Tia Richardson’s murals exude a glowing message of unity, growth and happiness. This is her signature—this passion for bringing hope and light to her home city. Richardson’s goal is to create public spaces where people can have conversations about Milwaukee’s most difficult issues. In this mural, “Milwaukee Gaia Buddha,” a young African-American child scatters seeds into the fallow ground, and a beautiful goddess-like figure rises up, phoenix-like, from the dirt… spreading her arms out like a blossoming tree.

“I believe in my city. I believe in Milwaukee. I believe in what we can do when we come together,” Richardson said, “That’s my life. That’s what I eat, live, drink and breathe, and since I see that, and I experience it, then it’s real for me, and that’s what Milwaukee is.” (As told to Wisconsin Life in 2016.)