"In Full Bloom" Emma Daisy Gertel Milwaukee, WI

In April of 2018, Emma Daisy Gertel’s design “In Full Bloom” was chosen from over 25 entries by the Black Cat Alley jury for a special installation on the only north-facing wall of the Alley. This powerful design, full of hope and playfulness, expresses a childlike joy that draws visitors in to the Alley. This mural can be interpreted to celebrate feminine independence, and challenge gender roles, in a time when equality is such an important topic of discourse in American culture.

Emma Daisy Gertel is a maker, illustrator, and designer based in Milwaukee. Daisy loves trying new techniques and exploring ideas resulting in mixed formats and experimentation. She studies the world through her hands with deep curiosity. Her work draws from her experience and education in fashion design, community arts, and cultural development. She worked for over a decade as a creative and executive director for a youth arts nonprofit. Her work has received several accolades and awards, including a Mayor’s Design Award in 2012 for a collaborative public art project with Express Yourself Milwaukee.