Imagining the World Mural image by Stephon Kiba Freeman
"Imagining the World" Stephon Kiba Freeman

From Stephon Freeman, artist: “My design depicts a girl reading a book and imagining (or creating) the world around her. She is enhancing her creativity by learning new things. This is how I imagine my daughter sees the world as she learns; everything seems so whimsical to her.”


Stephon Kiba Freeman is the creator behind Kiba Freeman Art, LLC. In recent years, Freeman has focused primarily created landscapes and scenery spray paint art. While the paint is wet, he is able to utilize layering, masking, and reductive techniques to produce unique effects. Since the birth of his daughter in 2018, his spray paintings have become a bit more whimsical in nature; pulling from how he likes to imagine that she views the world around her. His mural in Black Cat Alley features the silhouette of a little girl, and reflects the artist's newfound role as a father and educator to his daughter. More information about Freeman can be found at