"g00senek" "g00senek" Chicago, IL

This noodle-y g00senek was added to Milwaukee’s Black Cat Alley in summer of 2017. It is inspired by the story of a heartbroken white, long-necked Goose, who was lost and separated from her beloved husband, who happened to be a wayward seagull from the banks of the Milwaukee River. She searched all over for him, becoming dizzy… and ultimately died from grief and misunderstandings.

Goose Neck (also "g00senek") is a Chicago street artist with a mysterious profile. He allegedly painted the first Goosenek about 8 years ago, and since then has been covering the Midwest in Goosneks. Why? "I really hope to influence people positively, young and old. Over time it has evolved into something that has more meaning, kind of like my life." Honk honk