"Flyboy" Jeff Redmon Milwaukee, WI

“Flyboy” was one of the original murals to be unveiled at the grand opening of Black Cat Alley in September of 2016. For this composition, Redmon made clever use of the antique bumpers by the sides of the former garage door opening, turning them into sculptural elements that transform into “space-bombs.” The whizzing and swirling black line — recognizable to fans of Redmon’s art— dances on candy colors. This high contrast of form and color makes this mural dynamic, and an icon of Black Cat Alley.

Jeff has been making art his whole life, developing his unique style of abstract art making. Jeff creates abstract art for exhibition and sales, regularly showing in galleries. He loves to work big and has had the opportunity to create several large scale murals.

Over the past decade Redmon's unwavering passion for the arts has helped to shape the creative landscape of the city through the conception, promotion and execution of innovative art events. He is a key member of Made In Milwaukee, a cultural advocacy group dedicated to the exposure, growth, and advancement of the local art, music, and business community. He is the co-founder and organizer of BVGN (Bay View Gallery Night) bringing crowds of 10,000+ per event to support and nourish the local art and business community. Redmon was an organizer of Milwaukee’s first ever TEDx event. He is also an organizer and founding member of Arte Para Todos, which brings Milwaukee musicians and artists together to perform in multiple venues across the city to raise funds for school art and music programs. In 2014 Redmon founded CultureJam MKE, a provocative indie art series, showcasing outstanding regional artists challenging dominant notions of the relationship between human beings and their physical and mental environments.