"Black Cat Alley" Walker's Point Creative Collective Milwaukee, WI

Josh Ebert, Natacho Lopez, Dieter Wegner and other street artists from the Walker’s Point Creative Collective did this amazing collab as a crew and celebrated the brand-new Black Cat Alley back in 2016 and just like that, a Milwaukee legend was born. This incredible lettering style by Chacho has been photographed countless times and has been our street tag ever since.

The Walker's Point Creative Collective is a collaborative group of artists on Milwaukee's south side who are responsible for some of our city's most amazing murals and art destinations, especially in and around the Walker's Point neighborhood. Many of the leaders of the group are also tattooers at the Walker's Point Tattoo company. Artists include Josh Ebert, also known as "Joshy Bert," (@joshybert) and the amazing lettering master Chacho Lopez (@chacholopeztattoos).