Renee Martinez

Renee Martinez is a Houston, Texas artist who was a printmaking student at MIAD when she installed a wheatpaste poster in this spot in 2016. When she was photographed and featured for her work here by the Milwaukee Independent in 2016, she said, ““This is my first time working outside and getting into a community, not just this community of artists, which was great to experience, but also having people walk through while I’m working. I’ve always just worked in my studio and I’ve never had someone come up to me while I’m in the process. This young boy and his mom came by while I was working and the boy just tapped me on my shoulder and started chatting me up about art. It was beautiful because before I could even say goodbye he took me in this big hug and stayed there. It was a real hug. It was a great moment to realize how art really connects people.”