CERA, aka Janson Rapisarda, is a MIAD graduate and a Milwaukeean, but we found him in Philadelphia—the mural capital of the United States—and flew him home to paint a mural for Black Cat Alley in September of 2016. When he visited us, he was asked, “What does street art mean to you?” He replied, “Street art has a plethora of definitions, typically varying in definition from artist to artist. My own interpretation of street art has also changed over the years. Initially, it represented a more freeing way of producing artwork, or a less restrictive platform for exhibiting artwork. I never wanted to confine myself to a canvas, or a print on paper, because I believe that the most accessible artwork is artwork made on the streets and for the streets. It’s the difference between a painting hanging in a gallery, to be exhibited to a select group of trained artists and critics, and a painting made on site, about the site, and for the site. I believe that this inherently widens the viewing demographic, or provides a more inclusive way of creating artwork.”